For more than 60 years, Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik has been working for the health and beauty of many people’s skin. The founder of the company, Christine Schrammek, has always had a personal wish to stand up for the people around her. She has supported many charitable projects and ideas with great dedication. Today we continue this motivation with the activities we pursue. We take on social responsibility which also forms part of our corporate identity. For us, it is especially important to support local projects in the region, but also help in cases of current events and crises with targeted actions in accordance with our possibilities.

Below are some of our projects:

Earthquake in Nepal

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal 2015, thousands of people are in need of humanitarian aid. With the support of our customers, we managed to reach a donation amount of 3,750 Euro in just one week for Germany’s Relief Coalition “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”. Many thanks to all our clients and supporters!


Ice Bucket Challange

In 2014, during the famous ice bucket challenge, we were able to gather a donation on our facebook page. “Sharing” and “Liking” our Facebook post generated nearly 400 euros in less than 24 hours. This enabled us to support the locally operating foundation “Aktion Lichtblicke e.V..” (ray of hope). Many thanks to all our "fans"!


Flood Disaster Germany

In June 2013, Germany experienced a flood disaster which literally “washed away” the base of living of numerous people. With a targeted campaign, together with our customers, we reached a donation amount of 2,000 Euro in just one day. This was donated to Germany’s Relief Coalition “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”. We thank all our customers on behalf of the entire team!


Our long-term goal, in addition to current and short-term donations, is to continuously support target-oriented projects. There are two local foundations in Essen, that are close to our heart and whose main focus is on helping children in distress. In addition to financial support, it is particularly important for us to also help personally and to expand our commitment also through visits and the help of our staff in the relevant institutions.

With the help of fundraising campaigns like the 50th anniversary of our professional school for dermatological cosmetics, we could already donate 2,500 € to the Christoph Metzelder Foundation and 540 € to the Aktion Lichtblicke e.V. this year.


Christoph Metzelder Foundation

Since 2006, ex-professional soccer player Christoph Metzelder has pursued the goal with his foundation to provide children and teenagers with a good start in their life and thus a perspective for their future. The Christoph Metzelder Foundation supports about 16 projects helping up to 500 girls and boys daily. Individual development and support is particularly important for children. For this reason, education, training, integration and child poverty are the focus of the Christoph Metzelder Foundation.


Aktion Lichtblick e.V.

The foundation Aktion Lichtblick e.V. was started by a total of 45 local radio stations in North-Rhine-Westphalia in 1998 and supports children, teenagers and their families throughout North-Rhine-Westphalia, who are physically, financially and mentally in distress. The registered association takes special care of weak and disadvantaged people in our society and all those who have suffered from serious difficulties. 


Sustainability in our core business

In our domestic market, we are shipping all orders carbon-neutral already with our partners DHL (go green) and UPS (carbon neutral), us carrying the additional costs. We are actively looking for ways to extend this to an international scope. For all our new folding boxes we are only using FSC-Mix certified material, coming from exemplary managed woods. Being one of the few manufacturers of professional cosmetics, we are not using foil to cellophane our products. In our daily business at our headquarter, we are encouraging sustainable ways of working wherever possible - and feasible. Office materials are mostly FSC-Mix certified too, invoices, facsimilies and documents are sent and received digitally, we are using power-saving motion detectors and IT equipment. Last but not least, by screening suppliers, partners and ourselves too, we are trying hard to have actions rather than words speaking in our daily business.

Does Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik conduct animal testing?

We certainly do not test on animals – this has always been our company philosophy. The European cosmetics industry stopped animal testing on finished products in the 1980s, long before the official European ban in 2004. Generally, animal testing is not required to prove the safety and effectiveness of final products. To assure the safety of our products, toxicological data from already tested ingredients is used. The dermatological tolerance of all our products is always tested on voluntary test persons in independent, dermatological test institutes. We pay special attention to only use raw materials that have been tested by alternative validation methods. A lot of cosmetic base materials/ingredients that are used widely in cosmetic products today have been tested on animals in the past, due to legal requirements or the lack of alternative validation methods at that time. Most of our products are also free from ingredients of animal origin and thus also suitable for vegans. There are small exceptions of some products with ingredients such as beeswax. In our online shop, we added a note to all products that are suitable for vegans.

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